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Let’s Go Get Him!
September 23, 2008, 12:00 pm
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Back home, I showed the videos to Maggie, who said his conformation looked good and he moved well.  My mother actually let out a gasp when I showed her:  “Oh, he’s so cute!”

 Maggie said he seemed worth taking on a week’s trial and we planned to go pick him up on February 3rd.  I know that sounds a little off – taking a horse on a week’s trial – but that’s what you do when getting a new horse.  You need to see how he acts at your barn, with you.  And most important:  You need to be sure your vet declares him healthy.  I must’ve watched Finn’s videos a hundred times and I definitely lost some sleep waiting for that day to arrive!

 The morning of the 3rd was absolutely freezing – the high was in the teens and the winds were in the 30mph range.  It felt like my face was going to fall off.  We picked up Kiowa and got him settled into his new home at Triple Z Farm for Maggie to begin his training and for me to schedule his pre-purchase vet exam.  I visited him every day that week, watching Maggie work with him, and spending some “getting to know you” time with him by grooming and leading him around.  It was so hard to not get attached.  He was so sweet and willing, but the vet exam wasn’t until the end of the week and I couldn’t let myself even start to think Kiowa was mine unless the vet declared him healthy and sound.


From the beginning..
September 4, 2008, 12:15 pm
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When someone you love dies, you can do some pretty crazy things.  The pain won’t ease, so you try to cover it up.  With prayer, with work, with shopping – with whatever you have to do to take that pain down a notch.  A half notch, even.  My dad died on July 12, 2006.  I may have been a “grown woman” of 36 at the time, but the pain hit me like it must hit a child.  Overwhelming.  And impossible to describe unless you’ve been through it.

As a Christian woman, I turned to God for peace.  As an American woman, I turned to shopping for diversion.  Didn’t even realise I was doing it until a few weeks (and a few hundred dollars) later, I saw my closet expanding, and for what?  I had to find something else.  Something that would occupy my brain during every waking moment because right now every waking moment was swirling and crushing me with thoughts of my dad.

I had started riding horses a year and a half earlier.  Weekly lessons with a young trainer, Maggie, who constantly challenged me beyond my comfort zone with a myriad of horses – mostly Arabians and Thoroughbreds, which, if you know anything about horses, tend to be a little hot.  They gave me a few scares, but mostly confidence and a good seat.

Maggie had been hinting around for a while that maybe it was time to start thinking about getting a horse of my own.  I had ridden a couple dozen, so I had a good feel for attributes I liked and ones I could do without.  A horse of my own?  That’s a big decision.  But you know what?  That’s a mission.  That’s exactly what I needed to fill my time and my mind and my heart.

I started looking.