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September 5, 2008, 1:00 pm
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Never having been a true horsewoman before, I had no idea as to the glut of horses that were available on the market.  Their numbers are comparable to those of the dogs and cats on  And like those dogs and cats, I wanted to adopt them all, but I had to be realistic and narrow my search.  Let’s see..  Definitely a gelding (mares were too bossy), around 16 hands (a respectable height, but not TOO far to fall!), and within 100 miles of the Cincinnati area.  I plugged my criteria into, and for the next six months did little else with my weekends besides horse shopping.

I must’ve test-ridden 20 horses and I definitely put a few thousand miles on my little Honda, but no one seemed right for me.  Their owners had written raving reviews in their profiles, and maybe they were good matches for their owners, but they weren’t good matches for me.  Some wouldn’t respond to my cues because, “That’s not how my owner asks me!”   Some were nicely trained show horses, but would spook at the cat in the rafters.  Or maybe it was the wind that blew through the barn.  Or maybe it was anything that was outside of their stall.  Not what I was looking for.

But mostly what I ran into was horses that were all go or no go.  Why couldn’t I find someone with some go?  Maybe it was time to reorganise my priority list.  I had been looking for someone between 5 & 10 years old who was already nicely trained in English riding.  A horse was going to be a huge expense; I didn’t want to add a huge training expense on top of it!  And, I’m ashamed to admit, I had been hoping to find a black horse.  I know, I know.  That’s horribly superficial, but oh, those black horses are so lovely!  (For the record, I had been looking at horses of all colours because I knew how ridiculous it would have been to consider only black horses.)  So I started looking at horses trained in Western riding, or not trained much at all.  And I completely ignored colour – personality was my new goal.

And that’s when I found him.